About Us

We're glad you want to know more about us!

Our Store:

Turning Point has a store situated at 29 Thor Circle,

Unit 9, Viking Business Place, Thornton, Cape Town. 

Our Manufacturing Process and Business Ethics:

Turning Point prides itself in sourcing the majority of its materials from local suppliers. Supporting the local community is incredibly important to us.

Not only that, but Turning Point's products are 95% handmade in Cape Town.

Turning Point employs 10+ individuals from local communities. Each person here has a unique talent and vision that makes working at this organization such a special and collaborative place.

The Turning Point Dream: 

Every little girl has a fairy tale wish to be a ballerina sometime between the age of 4 and 12. Our dream is to make this wish a reality for dancers, not just young, but of all ages. Through Turning Point’s 30 years of experience, we continually work to perfect our products and stay ahead of the current trends of the dance world, while keeping our prices affordable without losing the quality so that everyone who hopes to dance can find beautiful garments that cost less.

The Turning Point Goal: 

The primary focus of Turning Point Ballet Dance Swim Gym cc is equipping dancers (young and mature) with the outfit they need to fulfill their dancer wish.

More About Turning Point Products: 

For our little dancers, the ballerina dream goes hand in hand with the fairy princess world of growing up. The stores are equipped with merchandise focusing on the magical world of fairies and stocked with ballerina based fairy dresses and fairy accessories as well as matching footwear. These products are easily used for flower girl outfits and formal events, linking closely with the bridal footwear range. The bride herself can have flat or low heel pumps made in a wide variety of satin fabrics and styles to order.

Often once young ballerinas are exposed to the world of dance they look to explore more dynamic and less strict dance styles. Turning Point supplies footwear and garments for a range of different activities from gymnastics, acrobatics, belly dancing, hip hop, modern dancing, tap dancing, ballroom dancing as well as clothing and footwear used for a gym class.

Dance studios purchase custom made garments for their performances and shows and sometimes just for club training purposes. Our specialized pattern makers make it possible for an image to be recreated or a sample to be copied according to the requirements of the client.

The swimwear is sold in the summer months of the year as well as in winter when the South African market is looking for swimwear to use on an overseas vacation.  Turning Point focuses on custom made garments to suit ones’ body, allowing for comfort but not sacrificing style so that you feel your classiest at the beach.


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