Marjory Wilson's Ballerina Colouring Book

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Marjory Wilson's Ballerina Colouring Book As a young child Marjory dreamed of being a ballerina, an ice skater and a trapeze artist! She also loved art. She kept drawing through the years as she became a gymnast, skated in ice shows and trained as a school teacher. While taking a break from teaching to raise her family on a farm in South Africa, Marjory became known primarily for her watercolour paintings. However, she has  also cancelled her creativity  into murals, acrylics, woodcarving and photography. She illustrated the Bathurst News for two years, and her drawings have appeared in four publications. Now Marjory combines her passions for dance, art and teaching to bring you this book – she hopes you love it as much as she would have loved it as that little girl who dreamed of being a ballerina.

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